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Improving Protected Areas

Proceedings in the Management of Protected Areas Vol 1


Development of the world economy implies increased pressure on natural resources and the environment. One answer to these challenges - including global warming, depletion of natural resources, deforst ration and desertification - is the protection of areas which still have not or only marginally been integrated into the modern, expansive system of economic activities and wich, at the same time, constitute significant parts of a natural and cultural heritage to be preserved for future generations.

The number and scope of these Protected Areas is increasing. Obviously it is not sufficient to delineate such areas on a map: they have actively to be protected and they have to be managed with respect to admissible forms of utilization like traditional farming oder tourism, but also with the aim to enhance public awareness of the importance of such protected measures, including the necessity to spend tax money on this purpose.

The first volume of the series “Proceedings in the Management of Protected Areas“ brings together the manifold works and projects accomplished in the first round of Klagenfurt University's postgrade study programme “Management of Protected Areas“.

104 Seiten, durchgängig englisch, 15 x 21,5 cm, Hardcover

Michael Jungmeier
Michael Jungmeier